Documentary on Cthulhu Dares Not Speak His Name

As Part of our ongoing coverage of the stirring of The Great Old One, Cthulhu, we bring you this haunting preview of The Bloop, a short documentary by Cara Cusumano about a as of yet unidentified sound coming from the bottom of the Pacific detected from 5000k away on both sides of the ocean. After eliminating seismic phenominia, they considered it could be mechanical, part of some secret naval program. Yet, after a trip to the dark innards of Naval intelligence, they were told by nervous officers that they knew nothing about the matter. This, of course, leaves only organic sources. The only rub? The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever known to exist, yet this noise out of space, this “Bloop” is at least five times louder, and therefore five times larger, than any whale ever recorded.

If you want to delve into a world of unimaginable horror, watch the preview, as it does play the sound. Fun fact: it is the sound your soul makes when you die.

On the topic of whether or not the endtimes are upon us, scientists continue to stonewall. In the words of Dr. Christopher Fox, Chief Scientist of the Acoustic Monitoring Project of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab:

“If someone wants to say there is a gigantic monster out there, well I won’t be part of that conversation.”