Why All Home Remedies for Warts Work


There are all sorts of home remedies for warts: glue, tape, acids. Everyone has a pet story of how they got rid of viral friends.  There are two primary reasons for this.

One, viruses go away on their own. This is why all sorts of alternative medicine “cures” stick around. The human body heals itself, and since our treacherous brains assurance that the cause of any effect must be the immediately proceeding thing, we assume whatever we did works.  “I had a cold, then I took some homeopathic medicine, and a week later the cold was gone!”

Some people really are dumb enough to forgot colds only last a week, and they could have been french kissing lepers and still lost their cold.  And nose.

Reason two:

Skin warts are located in the basal epithelial cells, beyond the reach of the immune system. What this means is that your body doesn’t even they are they, so they stick around like a friend couch surfing.

The solution? Inflammation.

Inflammation, is doctor speak for irritating the shit out of your body, is a contributing cause to all sorts of chronic diseases when it hits your internal organs. But your skin is probably safe to irritate. What can irritate it? Nearly anything, that’s why soaking and taping work.

So follow those crazy home remedies. All they have to do is get your T-cells interested in that part of the body and then presto, no one evidence of your frog licking addiction.