Cthulhu Caught on Tape

Oceanographer Bob Dziak of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has answered the call of Cthulhu. After “losing time” for six unaccounted for months, Dziak claims his last coherent memory is of lowering Challenger Deep, a recording device of his own ingenious design, into the Mariana trench, the ocean’s deepest point. Dziak rose to public notice in 2010 when he recorded Lord Cthulu sleeping in his throne city of R’lyeh. This infamous utterance, known popularly as the “The Bloop” Dziak nervously dismissed as a crumbling Antarctic ice shelf.


The public’s attention thus averted, Dziak then assembled a recording device in earnest and sped to the site of the disturbance. There he recorded these sounds, no doubt muttering blasphemous chants as he did so.