Be Your Own Orwell and Rewrite Your History with Google’s “My Activity”

If you’re not paying for a service, then you are the product. That is the world we live in; whether by Facebook or by Google, everything we do online is watched and recorded to be sold to advertisers. To understand the extent of this monitoring, try logging on to “My Activity“: a service Google offers to let you see what they see.

Why would Google do this? Accuracy. Google and Facebook sell your information, that’s the business model, so that information has to be correct to retain its value. My Activity allows you to comb through your history and delete any ill advised searches. You know that recist video your uncle sent you and you watched for five seconds before turning it off? Well, that’s in your viewing history, and Youtube knows it. That means it will continue to make suggestions based on that watched video.

Unless you Orwell that shit right off your Permanent Record.

my activtiy

Another possibility is that you are not the only one who uses your computer and other peoples interest now contaminante your autocompletes and suggested videos. Scrub that ex boyfriend right out of your hair with “My Activity.” This is where thing get Meta people.

This service, one that allows you to see what Google sees, give you the same vile power they have, without the indifference. The only thing that separates Facebook from Hydra is the cold, impersonal greed of the former. They don’t have much of an agenda because agendas cost money.

You, on the other hand, have an agenda. Don’t you?

“My Activity” takes checking your SO’s phone activity to a whole new level. More than just a browser history, this feature allows you to see each video they saw, article they read, and at what time and in what order. Egads.

It is shocking what you can learn, and infer, from this surveillance record. You can feel the corruptive influence that secret police must feel having this kind of access.

It’s nothing short of life changing.