Software That Will Actually Change Your Life



Ever wonder why browsing the interweb tubes makes it impossible to go sleep?     No, it’s not the cat pics. Blue light emanating from your screen tells your brain it’s day.  Flux  can change the amount of blue light your screen emits by time of day, so you can return to sleep, the place where you’re a viking.



The search for the perfect checklist software is like the search for the perfect pair of jeans: a Sisyphean exercise in perpetual frustration.  The moment your “people to kill” list is crossed off you find out there is no undelete feature when one of your victims survives the surgical procedure to remove the polonium from their body. Damn Obamacare!

Workflowy.com fixes all that. It’s a website where you log in and are met with a simple, but powerful, listing interface. This is accessible on any device with internet access and functions well in all.  It’s free, unless you want to make thousands of lists or something.  In short, its the best kind of organizational software: the kind you will actually use.



If you’re late to Remote Desktop Party, Splashtop is software that will allow you to access one computer from another anywhere at anytime. This includes from mobile devices. Want to control your torrent client from your iphone. It does that. Need to fix you parents computer remotely without going through hell on the phone with them explaining that Internet Explorer is the devil incarnate? It can do that as well. But the real magic is accessing your most powerful computer from anywhere at any time. The ability to bypass crappy mobile apps and games for the real deal is truly life-changing.