How to Get Annoying Songs Out of Your Head

Look I know we just met, and this is crazy, but get these terrible fucking pop songs out of my head!

There was a time when only top tier musicals had the pop music formula and we could be spared the constant onslaught of earworms threatening to hollow out of our heads like so many rotting apples.  **cough**

Now, thanks to Swedish pop music factories, we are treated to a neverending parade of catchy tunes. Commercials, TV, and the radio we only listen to in our cars surround us with jingles and tunes scientifically designed to stay in our head.

Can good scientists, the kind that tell us coffee and chocolate are good for us, thwart the evil scientists who made Britney Spears and Justin Bieber “stars?”


British cognition scientists discovered evidence that chewing gum disrupts the brain’s ability to “recollect from verbal memory, interpretation of ambiguous auditory images, and the scanning of familiar melodies.”

Not only does chewing gum interfere with your ability to recall addictive songs, it alters your ability to hear husic and commit it to memory.  With one stick of gum you could double your pleasure by halving the chance it will get stuck in your head.


Test this theory at home with Ace of Base’s The Sign and may god have mercy on your souls.