Before Pink Floyd: What Stoner Music was Like in the 14th Century

Before Bach, before music broke out into the complex form we now call Classic, there was stoner jams. Medieval France has “smoker societies” that enjoyed combining hash and opium. (Tobacco, being a New World product, was unavailable.) Of course, this begs the question, what did they listen when they got high? Also, what did Mutton flavored Doritios taste like?

Here is your answer, Fumeux fume par fumee. Roughly translated, it means: “The Fumer fumes, fumily” This can mean both fumes in the sense of smoke, as in “The smoker smokes smokily” and Fumes as in fuming mad, as in “The Grouch groucily grouches.” 

Full translations are here, but historians, and I quote, think this is a reference to getting “hiiiiigh.” Which makes sense, as the song is about a smoker contemplating until he is satisfied.

It sounds kinda like The Zombies to me.