mongolian death worm

A Very Special Ask Genghis

We have a lot of fun here at Ask Genghis. And we help a lot of people. We will continue to do so for as long as there are people in need; whether they be children trying to reconnect with estranged parents, women who’s boyfriend want to wear a diaper in bed, or people who don’t know how to kill with their bare hands.

Today I want to talk about how the ravaging of the natural environment has endangered some of the rarest and most beautiful creatures in the Skyfather’s creation. Poaching and profit have reduced the numbers and variety of native wildlife to historic lows. Species once classified as endangered now stand on the brink of extinction. One species, unique to my beloved Mongolia, stands out for its nobility and grandeur.


I speak, of course, or the Giant Mongolian Death Worm.

Last year 355 people were killed by Mongolian Death Worms. That is 20% less people than just ten years ago. Don’t let this way of life disappear. Please give, otherwise we might wake up and read the headline


“No One Died Today Screaming with Acid in their Eyes Spat by a Carnivorous Sand Worm.”


Don’t let this happen, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can;t make a difference.  “Mommy, what did a sand worm bite look like?” is question from a dark future too terrible to consider.



Fact: There are only 450 Panda’s in the world, meaning the Death worm is running low on its favorite food source.