Watch Art Die in Augmented Reality With This Cool New Snapchat Feature!

It is indisputable that Jeff Koons is a very important artist. There ar many people who will insist art is no dead, and that our culture still has valuable contributions to make to humanity at large.  Life, and the art that gives it meaning, they insist, still have value, and we should not sit in front of the television until mold grows over our abandoned, unloved corpses. To that we say: Behold Jeff Koons and his balloon doggie. Behold the very last word in art. Witness the end of taste.

Yet this nihilistic epiphany still lacks one thing to bring the despair into sharp relief: pointless technological novelty.

Well, the wait is over! In cooperation with Snapchat, Koons now offers the opportunity to take your smartphone to one of dozens of participating public parks and point the camera at an open space and then voila! “Art” in all its 3d glory for you to ogle with other people who certainly do not look ridiculous gawking at nothing.

Nothing except the void.