to do list

To do List

To Do

  • Invest in AIG,
  • Consult Broker, Bird Entrails, Pig entrails, Broker entrails and Bloomburg news
  • Ignore emails without nudity
  • Polish “spear”
  • Cut back on Chinese take out
  • Cut back on taking out China
  • Participate in global conspiracy to suppress free energy machine, truth about 9-11, Kennedy’s assassin, and government reports showing marijuana cures thyroid cancer
  • Hunt
  • Get back to Krystal on whether or not to boot Bob
  • Make List
  • Pick up Yaks milk, Pepsi, TOILET PAPER
  • Vote*
  • *Find out which candidate knows the price of a gallon of Yaks Milk
  • **find out where they stand on compound-bow control,the beaten-to-death penalty, and the capital gains tax.
  • Kill Somebody