Soup Can Painter Photoshops Blondie on Babbage’s Computational Machine


In 1985, a man with a silver wig took a picture of a woman with silver dyed hair and went all microsoft paint on her ass.  How the vacuum-tubes powering the Amiga computer didn’t blow out while displaying Debbie Harry’s sheer awesomeness remains unclear, but it is just one of the 30 Andy Warhol paintings recovered by the Carnegie Museum of Art. You might think it easy to pop in a floppy disk and download the pics, but apparently the file format was completely unknown to them. that’s right, they discovered a file format so ancient no living soul knew what it was! It’s a fucking digital cave painting! The process is detailed below.

The Invisible Photograph: Part II (Trapped) from Carnegie Museum of Art on Vimeo.

More of Warhol with Blondie below.



Some of Warhol’s films here.

And if you think Andy Warhol is a fraud and emblematic of all that’s wrong with art today, enjoy this four and a half minute video of Andy eating a Whopper while considering the fact that this window dresser eating a sandwich is more interesting than the gnat fart you call your life.