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New Publication “The Rib” Spotlights Art Outside of New York and LA

For too long, they’ve been “at the whim of critics from other places,” say the New England-based founders of The Rib. Brian Boucher,
January 4, 2018 Leah Triplett Harrington, director of programs and exhibitions at South Boston’s Fort Point Arts Community and an editor at the Boston arts blog Big Red & Shiny, has joined forces with artist-dealers Lindsey Stapleton and Corey Oberlander, of Providence, Rhode Island’s Grin Gallery, to launch The Rib. Current features include a report on artist collectives in Minneapolis and St. Paul; an interview with the co-founder of Chicken Coop Contemporary, an art space in a Portland, Oregon, chicken coop; and an essay on an exhibition at Philadelphia’s Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery. Grin’s participation in art fairs like Spring/Break, Untitled Miami Beach, and Satellite Art Show gave the duo opportunities to connect with other far-flung counterparts and share their grievances. “Since we started doing the fair circuit,” Stapleton said, “we met people in other cities who felt a similar frustration, even though they were running a tight ship and showing interesting artists.” The new initiative comes as major papers like the New York Times are paring back arts coverage outside of their home bases. At the same time, Harrington said, there are strong publications like Pelican Bomb in New Orleans and One Good Eye in Denver, but those are highly localized. A New Publication Is Fighting ‘Big-City Narrow-Mindedness’ By Spotlighting Art Outside of New York and LA

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