Neat. Amazon is bringing back a Liveaction Tick series

In a questionable decision that once again indicates our culture can no longer produce new ideas, Brazilian transformer “Amazon Prime” is bringing The Tick back to  a glowing rectangle near you.

Some will recall The Tick as a charming and unique Saturday morning cartoon show about a hapless blue superhero fighting an assortment of deliberately poorly conceived villains. One such villain, which we can expect to be Chairface Chippendale, is at the center of this new season.

This superhero satire may find fertile material in this new era of cape based films. Fewer will recall that this has been tried before, with poor results. Years ago, an attempt was made casting Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson from the Family guy cartoon, who heavily resembles that character physically) as the titular character. As serviceable as that attempt was, it demonstrated how cartoons struggle to adapt to screen media.  Whereas cartoons are expected to traffic in absurdity, real world production just look, well, absurd.


The Tick premieres august 25th on Amazon.