Controversial Footage Surfaces Showing Trump Understands Art

Billionaire real estate mogul, reality TV show star, Presidential candidate, and sufferer of Narcissistic personality disorder Donald Trump has seen a movie, and understood it, according to controversial footage captured by documentarian Errol Mark Morris. These disturbing images come from a canceled film project where Morris talked to celebrities about classic films. Trump was asked about the Orson Welles masterpiece Citizen Kane, and to the shock of many, seems to understand the premise of the film. He even has advice for how his fellow mogul can make his life great again.

In an unrelated story, Trump once had a popgun as child. He would go around pointing it at all the maids and butlers in his father employ, pulling its trigger and saying “you’re fired.” Then he turned ten and his father took it away and forced him to study business and how to be an asshole all day. Till this day, Trump still points at people, the fingers on his childlike hands in the shape of a gun, and says “you’re fired.”  (The long, wistful sigh he releases after has to be edited out of his shows)

The toy gun is now in storage somewhere in Queens. In fact, Trump intended to visit a few years ago, but met his latest wife on the way. It is unknown if any of this has had any effect on Trump as an adult.

You can’t explain a man’s life with a single word or phrase.