Are You Lost? Would You Like To Be Found?


As we drown in the long distance, quixotic swim-meet we call life, we get a great deal of flotsam dropped on our heads. We find treasure on the curb others think is trash, we save from real and proverbial fires what relatives were discarding, and sometimes we stumble across lucre just leaving Bedford station.

But what to do with it? Well, other people take pictures of it and post it on the Facebook or the InstantaneousGram. Lame.

Ongoing community art project Postsecret collects anonymous postcards from everyone and anyone who has a secret to share.


Too lazy to write your own confession? Send in some found art to Found Magazine. Andy Warhol said the artists of the future shall simply point and say “that is art.” Since he said that in the past, we can only assume we are living in the future and this is the case. It certainly is with found art: the poignant everyday objects that we recognize as having significant, if unintentional, meaning.

Oh, and by the way, there is an internet lost and found, so if you want to find unlimited loot, you are only a few short lies away from unlimited free stuff.

Or you could find something. Imagine finding something and putting it on that site: a book someone underlined, a signed baseball, a well worn hat. Imagine the person comes to get it. Imagine asking for no reward.