3 Cures for Hangovers

When considered purely from a medical perspective, a hangover is more like dehydration. This usually happens after a night of drinking when the body starts to feel it is running low on essential nutrients and fluids and therefore runs and operate sluggishly. Even though there may be some remaining byproducts of alcohol left in the system waiting to be flushed out naturally, it does make sense to tackle these dehydration symptoms by drinking plenty of fluids.


1. This is why Pedialyte, a fruit flavored drink that’s full of electrolytes and is meant for dehydrated infants who are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, may cure hangovers. Over the past few years the company has seen its user base shift to about 60% adults for this very reason. Though technically an off label use, people swear by it.


2. Mercy Products. Mercy “Nutraceuticals”. a word they just made up, sells hangover cures in tiny redbull sized cans. They come in two or three flavors and all taste awful. However, in the crowded field of hangover cures, they are the only ones who at least, theoretically, could help flush all the toxic shit the body breaks alcohol down into.

3. Two Advil before bed. This, in my experience, is the best option, but also the hardest to remember while your drunk. The anti-inflammatory action keeps your head straight and doesn’t have the pesky stomach damage that Aspirin causes or the pesky liver failure resulting in death problem that Tylenol poses.