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Rap Therapy with NYC MC Des Brennan

Since Stormzy came out admitting he suffered from depression, more and more artists’ are coming out and are not afraid to rap about their issues as a form of therapy. NYC MC Des Brennan, is no different, an up and coming MC who has just released a new EP dubbed ‘Haven.’ The EP looks into the light, where Des was having a dark period in his life. Instead of turning it into an angry EP he twisted it, showing that he can overcome his anxiety.

We chat to Des Brennan about rapping as a form of therapy, what it’s like as an MC to express his emotions and the rise of NYC rappers. 

Your latest EP talks about going to the dark-side, was this depression? 

Yeah, I have battled depression pretty hard the past two years. It stems from working so hard to become a full-time artist and just trying to get people to listen, which is much harder than I thought it would be. It kills me that many people, even my friends and family, won”t give my music a listen. I still a work a 9 to 5 and I have been trying to find other things that I may have a passion for. None come close to the music though. Despite all of this, it is important that I continue moving forward with the music. 

Do you think expressing your feelings make you seem vulnerable to your audience? 

Definitely, its tough to put your true emotions and daily issues into a song. Listeners are really getting to know the true me. But I need to do it as therapy. It’s a release for me. I also think many people respect it.

The decision to make a positive EP despite having hardships must have been hard, what was it that made you come up with that decision? 

I can’t let anxiety and depression rule my life. It’s important to keep walking towards the light when the tunnel is dark. Eventually you’ll reach that light. The more I continue to better myself, the happier I will be. So looking on the bright side is key for me right now.

You’re located in NYC, how’s the scene going for up and coming rappers? 

I am actually located about 20 mins from NYC. I’m in pearl River, an NYC suburb. The NYC up and coming scene is dope though. I plan to get much more involved this year since I am so close.

You have producers across the globe on this EP how did you chose them? 

I have been following those producers on Soundcloud for a while and have been in touch with many of them. Their beats really fit the vibe of my project perfectly.

What’s next for you? 

First another track in a couple weeks, then a couple music videos, and finally a mixtape coming in about 3-4 months. I plan on dropping a lot of videos from here on out.

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