One Day Left to Keep Beatnik History Alive

John Oakes and Professional Asshole Dale Peck are conspiring to bring back a piece of literary history. The Evergreen Review gained fame by publishing a who’s who of late 50’s and early 60’s radicals. From the abstract of the Kickstarter:

“From 1957 to 1973, The Evergreen Review landed every other month in mailboxes like a bomb, busting long-held ideas about literature, decency, and taste. It was a magazine that allowed many Americans to discover for the first time work by the likes of Samuel Beckett, Bertolt Brecht, William S. Burroughs, Jean-Paul Sartre, and other figures of the post World War II literary avant-garde. . . . At a time when college kids prefer Snapchat to short stories, and ‘anything goes’ has been going on for seemingly forever, the legendary magazine is being relaunched this week.”—David Freedlander, The Daily Beast, March 1, 2017

There is still about a day left to get your hands on goodies. But never fear cheapskates, the new version will be online only.


Editor note: the term Beatnik is employed above to allow certain readers to chime in and say that beatnick is pejorative. This will also provide the additional opportunity to hug themselves with a sense of near-perfect self-satisfaction.