Linda Ikeji

Nigerian media mogul, Linda Ikeji, launches online TV

Speaking about the launch of her new online TV that had 10,000 subscribers within three (3) days of launch and that currently has over 35 shows, Linda Ikeji herself said that, “Seeing your dream come to reality is one of the best feelings in the world.”

The online streaming platform, Linda Ikeji TV, was launched early June this year:, and is trending with TV shows, series, reality shows, movies, originals, and more content is on the way.

Linda said: “What we currently have is just one percent of what we want to produce. We just wanted to launch so people can see some of what we’ve produced so far. Right now, some of my staff are already on different locations, producing more shows, because we plan to have much more.”

Some shows on the TV include: Real Naija Ladies of Dallas, Oyinbo Wives of Lagos, Gidi Girls, Uncle Bros, Leading African Women, The Black Room, Double Trouble, The Classics, Hot Topics, King Tonto, Highway Girls of Eko, Magodo Mums and Their Single Friend, Relatives, etc.

While this is looking all mega and magnificent, the Linda Ikeji journey didn’t begin in a day; it all began twelve (12) years ago when she started blogging and living on the internet. Linda Ikeji isn’t only a household name in Nigeria; she has succeeded in revolutionizing new media, journalism, and internet consumption in the country.  So her branching into TV comes as a well-orchestrated plan, considering her background of online experience. Interestingly, hers isn’t a background of college degrees and diplomas and theories, but of a consuming passion for the media and a vision to create an empire of services for millions of people across the globe.

“I enjoy creating content, from my blog you can tell that this is the same thing—creating content for people to enjoy, content that is informative, educative and entertaining. It’s just on a higher level where you have to turn it into visuals instead of just text.”

“I am very ambitious,” she said. “I didn’t want to restrict myself to Nigeria. I want the bosses at Netflix to see my work and feel like, “who is this girl?” I want Sony to see my content and say, “Let’s have a conversation with this girl.””

It would interest you to know that Linda Ikeji isn’t just the brain behind her media ideas; she is precisely self-funding her projects. It’s indeed a dream come true for Linda, her team of producers and anchors and technical people, internet users.