Man Talks to Himself, Takes 38 Years to Answer

When the turned 18 Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller had a brilliant idea: He would interview his future self. Unfortunately for Pete, time machines remained the stuff of poorly plot hole riddled science-fiction.  His solution? Film, Between Two Ferns style, asking some basic questions. Are you married? Are you rich? That sort of thing. Eventually he would be able to answer these questions and tell his young self all about his inevitable successes.

It didn’t happen that way. Emshwiller, despite being a published author, never felt successful enough to face his younger self. Now, he finally has summoned the courage and film it for us. His documentary, for which he seeks funding, is called “Later that Same Life.” This clip has a sample, and even in its short span we can see the resentment he still holds against the ambitions of his younger self. Emshwiller sees to want to tell a story about the competitive relationship between ambition and happiness.

Sounds like a big project. Hope it turns out well.