Geopathic Stress: Where is the boundary between dowsing and science?

Have you had problems sleeping? Constant migraines during the day? Has your doctor not been able to find any possible cause? The cause of your woes could originate from the very depths of the Earth: a Geopathic Stress, to be specific. This phenomenon regards the Earth’s vibrations which rise up to the surface, becoming harmful to living organisms. These negative energies are created by subterranean running water streams, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.

The science of Geopathology holds that human health is deeply connected to the vibrations of the Earth, thanks to a subtle, constant vibrational energy in the universe that constitutes and influences all living things present in nature, including the earth itself.

Some History

In ancient times, humanity fully grasped the relationship between the earth and the state of health of living things. For instance, Egyptians, who knew about telluric radiation, moved their constructions accordingly to avoid it. The Romans did not pick their settlements randomly: they studied areas carefully by dividing large plots up into several fenced sections, each containing a number of cows or other grazing animal. After a year had passed, they would select an animal from every section, kill it and examine its entrails for signs of tumors or similar deformations.

In ancient Asia, one of the oldest and most common Chinese decrees would the obligation to carry out a soil inspection before starting any construction work. The Chinese, with their Feng Shui philosophy, were the first people to establish a real code of conduct for creating homes in harmony with the natural and geographical environment.

Europeans chose the sites for their sacred buildings like cathedrals and temples based on meridian lines. These relate to British Geomantic Pioneers, such as F. J. Bennet, who linked prehistoric sites and ancient churches in generally N-S alignments, often with regular divisions based on the mile between sites. This concept was further expanded by Alfred Watkins, who noticed on the British landscape the apparent arrangement of straight lines positioned along ancient features, and subsequently coined the term “ley lines.” These paths in the landscape were believed to have spiritual significance. Still today, many claim they can feel those “good vibes” and positive energies whilst entering these ancient edifices.

Hippocrates and Avicenna (a Muslim philosopher and physician) talked about the importance of location of buildings in relation to health. But it is thanks to the German researcher Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl that the term “geopathic zones” came up in 1932. He extensively studied the subject matter, throughout his entire life and came to the conclusion that every single disease could be linked to geopathic stress. And it was only two years later in 1934, that a Dutch botanist and microbiologist Lourens Baas Becking established Geobiology, coalescing scientific research to explore the relationship between organisms and the Earth.

How It Works

Geopathic stress is the study of earth energies and their effect on human well-being. The word itself is a combination of the Greek Terms “Geo” (Earth) and “Pathic” (the study of causes and cure of diseases). Hence, Geopathic Stress pertains to all those negative energies, known as “harmful earth rays,” which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above.

Our planet is like a big magnet whose poles tend to coincide, roughly but not perfectly, with the geographic poles. Also the ground makes the negative pole and the positive pole cosmos. When lightning strikes the soil during storms, it recharges it, this means that there is a continuous exchange between the centre of the earth and the atmosphere above. These disturbances, from the centre of the earth, go up almost vertical, widening imperceptibly in the shape of an overturned cone trunk, up to about 2000 meters high, affecting all people, animals and plants they encounter along their way. The result on man is that they exhaust regulating systems and lower the immune defenses, causing dysfunctions and illnesses.

Geobiology attributes our physical malaise to  the disrupted electromagnetic field of the planet. The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz which falls within the range of human brainwaves. This is also known as the Schumann Resonance, since it was in 1952 that the German physicist W.O. Schumann identified this frequency as the earth’s magnetic field.

The natural frequency of our Earth can be disrupted by many natural occurrences (underground caverns and water streams, geological fault lines, mineral deposits such as coal, oil and iron), as well as man-made structures (railways, motorway cuttings, embankments, bridges, quarries, tunnels, mines).

This is why the field of bio-architecture specializes on building houses in locations that won’t negatively impact human health. Further attention goes to placing furniture avoiding  the intersections of the naturally charged lines that were discovered by a German medical doctor in 1951: Dr. Ernst Hartmann.

The Hartmann Net, as the German doctor explains in his book Krankheit als Standortproblem (Illness as a Location Problem), is associated with the Earth’s magnetic field. Its lines measure between 8 and 12 inches in width approximately. These lines are spaced about 6 feet apart in the north-south direction and about 10 feet apart in the east-west direction. It’s the places where these lines cross so called “Hartmann nodes or knots” where potential problems can start.

Therefore, if you spend a lot of time in your house, or at the office, upon a Hartmann knot you will absorb for a longer exposure the negative energy. For example if your desk or bed are standing on top of a node you will have the longest hours of your day (work and sleep) with your body absorbing this electromagnetic radiation. So if your bed is standing on one of these junctions, it could explain why you have problems sleeping or feel tired during the day. To attest this Geobiologists will even quote Paracelsus, a Swiss physician of the German Renaissance known as the father of toxicology, who said The most secure method to ruin your health, is a sick bed. Ideally your bed should be placed between the two lines to avoid the harmful effects of Hartmann’s knots. But what complicates matters even further is Curry’s Grid (which has also been renamed the Cancer line), that intersects Hartman’s network diagonally, at an angle of 45 degrees. The spots where the Curry and Hartmann lines cross, cause further potential problems.

As if these two grids did not suffice in freaking us out, an additional issue comes from inside the Earth: underground water lines, cracks and large spaces! An underground water stream, even at a depth of 300-500 meters will cause illness, should our bed be located over it. This is because they can be polluted and contain decayed matter, that geomancers define as “black stream.” Most importantly they interfere with the Earth’s energy. The same can be said for cracks and spaces. Certain health issues might not be immediate but manifestate themselves later in time.

For example when you lie in bed, and the Hartmann zone coincides with your chest, in a few years you could have a heart attack; epileptic children might have been sleeping for a while with their head upon a Hartmann node; and, uterine, ovarian, prostate, colon cancer could occur if the intersection is on the abdominal area when you repose.

So the question that immediately comes up to circumvent the effects of radiation, is how do you find the knots? According to Hartmann these troubling intersections can be detected by dowsing, using a divining rod. Dr. Hartmann further specified he could sense the knots with his touch and sight: his hands would feel the warmth, he would start itching and in dim-light he would see a faint fog upon the areas where the nodes would be. It is not supposed to be detectable by common scientific instruments but some still connect it to telluric currents, which are actual phenomena, detectable by scientific instruments.

How To Track The Knots

In our modern era you can buy a Hartmann Scanner to hunt down all the hideous knots, or ask specialists to come to your home to inspect it with their equipment. This kit was made by Full-Point Corporation following the indications given by Dr. Hartmann to find the lines. There are two devices that work together. The first one called “Sounder” makes sure that the potential energy in the environment that is going to be analyzed is tuned to this kind of measurement with a basic launch. The second device called “Sonar” as a response to the two frequencies, will emit a sound that is variable in volume and continuity depending on the intensity and breadth of the intersection or location of the detected Hartmann line.

Lines and crosses can be detected three-dimensionally. Horizontally (north-south/west-west) and vertically in the earth-ionosphere direction. But frankly the beeping of this device could be caused by an interference of wavelengths with our electronic devices.

Geobiology will also encourage you to use your pets as a test: dogs never want to lie above the radiation grids, however, cats just love those spots. So if you see your cat always sleeping in same area of the bed, usually that means that you have a strong negative energy disruption right where you sleep.

But are we sure all of this information is reliable? There are those who believe that Geobiology should also be approached with a good deal of skepticism. There is no scientific proof that the locations where your pets usually position themselves are related to electromagnetic fields.

Be aware that BIOSET della Full-Point S.r.l., the same company that sells the Hartmann Scanner, has come up with a patented Biodispositiv, that should “convert the electromagnetic fields and geopatici.” But it does not explain how this occurs technically and scientifically. This what you’ll read as an explanation:

“Telluric rays lead to the body of information structured swinging as “attractors”.

These are like a “whoosh” that disturbs both the sub-cellular communication between cells, acquiring more and more.

Decisive for the pathogenic action of Geopatie is staying for several hours in these areas without moving the body.

This relates to the bed or sedentary work.

Likened to a photographic plate which is slowly etched, after staying there for several months the geopatia performs a pathogen.

The consequence is that most organic tissues involved in the “parassitaggio” of abnormal fluid are representing the majority of the components of our body.

We can convert the electromagnetic fields and geopatici with the Biodispositiv Full-Point acting in three sequences according to the principle of life:




Its circuit fueled by the electromagnetic fields and geopatici present in the environment in which it is placed. For a induction process Electromagnetic transforms them into field purified. Is an application that is based on Lenz’s law to get to the body, a frequencies homogeneous finally, suited to the human body.”

Rather than a scientific device it sounds like a talisman to ward off the evil eye. There is no reference to the way the transformation of electromagnetic fields takes place, and what they become or if they vanquish. A few para-scientific terms are thrown in, to convince readers.


What further calls in question the credibility of Hartmann’s grid is an actual fact that required concrete verification. Back in 1997 a group of skeptics asked architect Paola Basso, of the Italian National Institute of Bioarchitecture (Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura) in Padua, to put dowsers to the test. The experiment required different knot-seekers to find the Hartmann intersections in an empty room at different times, but the experiment was declined by bioarchitect Basso who said that the latest studies seemed to indicate that Hartmann’s knots can move and change position over time. This new concept suspiciously clashes with the original one invented by Hartmann himself.

This discipline arouses skepticism, since it mashes up unscientific ideologies such as dowsing, notions of Feng Shui and the idea of the existence of natural “bad” energies, with truly accounted radiation. If Geopathologies were a thoroughly researched phenomenon, you would expect to see a decent amount of data within the official research studies in the field medicine or biology not some unknown medicine websites.

It is not uncommon to see Hartmann’s lines confused with electromagnetic fields caused by electrical devices or household appliances. Therefore we should not focus on whether our bed is placed on top of a Hartmann node (of which we do not hold proof), but rather take into consideration what electronic devices to keep at a distance during our sleep. In these regards perhaps we should take a better look at the way we have placed these in our homes.

Harmful Waves

Did you know that cordless phones are more dangerous than cell phones? Not only does the handset emit just the same radiation as mobiles, but also the base of the phone sends out pulsed microwave radiation. And they do this at full power, even when the phone isn’t in use. You can opt for EMF or eco-DECT cordless models that send out less radiation, but the most recommended solution is to throw away your cordless phone and go back to using a corded phone. According to some studies this is not the only device that you should remove from your household.

Microwaves offer an undeniable convenience, but it comes with a price. The natural way of cooking food is with the heat penetrating from the outside to the inside, like solar light. But the microwave reverses this procedure acting from the inside-out. This breaks chemical and molecular bonds. It can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting the basic biochemical structures of life. Food loses its nutrition and has its molecules deformed, and even the most secure, modern microwaves have been proven to leak radiation.

Wi-Fi, cell phone masts and so-called ‘smart meters’ are all under accusation too, to the extent that it would be best to turn it off at night, and even better to give up wireless and hardwire for all your connections. Cell phones, which are impossible to abolish, luckily are low-powered radio frequency transmitters. This means that keeping a mobile phone 30 cm away from your body either using it with a hands free device or putting it in a bag when it isn’t utilized will have a much lower exposure to radio-frequency fields than someone holding it against their head or in their pocket.


Geobiology is cunning in the way it mixes different disciplines in its cauldron, analyzing conditions caused by man-made electro-magnetic devices and the ones that allegedly occur from natural sources. But we are not dealing with an exact science. Whilst physics had centuries to develop and attest its theories on Electromagnetism, Geobiology came into existence only during the early 20th century and tries to provide explanations to something as intangible as energies, without having proper back up for each of its theories.

Geobiology undoubtably mirrors our need to understand environmental urges on a global scale, but its validation must not be the result of superstition. It is also true that our culture keeps an indelible mark of Cartesian rationalist philosophy, contrarily to the history of Feng Shui that covers more than 5000 years and still thrives today. But the ancient Chinese tradition has a clear identity, that aims to harmonise everyone with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui is a philosophy, a way of living. Contrarily to Geobiology, it does not claim to be considered a science.