Eon Foundation is the new kid on the blockchain in game publishing

Above: Eon Foundation team (left to right) Hao Dong, software engineer; Aron Lyu, CEO; Mark Nedzelskii, community manager;
Tao Hu, co-founder. Eon Foundation has raised $5 million for its blockchain game publishing business. In doing so, the Palo Alto, California, and Singapore company hopes to disrupt traditional game publishing through the new technologies of blockchain — a decentralized and immutable ledger — and cryptocurrency. Eon Foundation has also launched its first game, Crypto Alpaca, to show how its platform works. Cherubic Ventures, Wei Guo (partner of UpHonest Capital) and Feng Li (an early investor in Ripple and Coinbase) led the investment in Eon Foundation. Eon Foundation raises $5 million for blockchain game publishing

thumbnail courtesy of venturebeat.com