Domestic Abuse Scandal Strikes Sports Team

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A major sports franchise held a press conference today to cofirm the temporary suspention of one of their star players. “Let me say one thing, ” said the team manger, a man whose position is rumored to be in danger , “We got it wrong.” The manager referred to the intial slap on the wrist the star player recoved for viciously assaulting a helpless family member, the images of which have shocked the nation. News of the assault has once again put the issue of domestic abuse
under the microscope, prompting a discussion that will surely bring the issue to a head.
“We take domestic violence very seriously,” said the team owner, denying the accusation that this new, longer suspension was the result of sponsors pulling their support. “We will not wait for the completion of an investigation, as was our orginal intention, but will enact a long held zero tolerance policy in our franchise.”
Fans of the star player are divided, with many passionate enthusiasts blaming the media or the victim for the players behavior. The star, for his part, is asking for calm during this trying time. “This turbulent time is a private matter between myself, my family, and god.”
Though this is not the first time domestic violence has reared its ugly head in the world of professional sports, high hopes remain that the leagues swift action and the publics condemnation will ensure this kind of thing never happens again.