Batman v Superman: Dawn of Wonder Woman

Zack Snyder’s two-and-a-half-hour long trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, deftly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, slowly hints at the Amazon warrior’s presence till she bursts onto the scene in the tumultuous third act. The lead-up to her debut is sly, with Snyder’s clever framing device pitting two secondary superheroes, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), in a dangerous lovers’ quarrel. Batman lives a secret life as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne who objectifies and sleeps with nameless women and can never seem to settle for one. The only constant in his life is Superman, who lives on the down-low as Clark Kent with ersatz girlfriend Lois Lane (Amy Adams). Batman’s obsession with Superman grows as he neglects his crime-fighting duties in order to get closer to the Man of Steel. He devotes all his time to finding the thing closest to Superman—kryptonite, a piece of his home planet. Batman fashions a kryptonite spear, and when they two finally meet, he tries to pierce Superman with his giant kryptonite rod. The two finally come together as they talk about their mothers.

While Batman and Superman flitter from scene to scene, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) makes brief appearances disguised as a beautiful, mysterious woman that Bruce Wayne tries to hit on. Her accent is enchanting, her gold accessories intriguing, and her knowledge of ancient artifacts beguiling. But when she brilliantly outfoxes Batman as he tries to get some secrets from Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), we know that she is clearly a hero—a smarter, greater superhero. She is still in disguise—anonymous—but we know that she is destined for greatness. When terror strikes and the twin cities of Gotham and Metropolis are in danger of destruction, duty calls. Now we finally learn her name—Ms. Prince—and anyone familiar with comic books or 1970s Saturday morning cartoons knows that this is Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego. She is ready to fight, and we’re ready to fight alongside her.
Wonder Woman lands with a crack of thunder and a warrior’s battle-hardened stare. This Wonder Woman is ready for war. She may have been better prepared if her arms and legs were fully covered, but at least now she’s wearing real armor, not just a leotard. Armed with sword and shield, she shows us what real power is when she lunges at the enemy with sheer will. Plus, her lasso is no longer just for getting villains to tell the truth—it’s for disabling and destroying them. Looks like Xena and Gabrielle crossed timelines and raised an adult Amazon daughter.Wonder-Woman-1
“She with you?” asks Superman when Wonder Woman shows up.
“I thought she was with you,” Batman responds.
That’s right—she’s not with either of you. Get out of the way Batman, no need for you Superman—you have each other. Wonder Woman will take care of things now. The force of her bracelets will knock out anyone in sight. Heck, her glare alone is enough to make the enemy quake with fear. Fine, she’ll let the two of you help—but you can’t defeat supervillains without her.
Throughout the trailer, emo Superman struggles with purity of heart, emo Batman searches for hope, and the two of them finally get close to fulfilling slash fiction fantasies on-screen. But as for Wonder Woman, all our hopes are pinned upon you and the magic that you do.