15 incredible ways Buzzfeed is ruining the internet that will blow your mind.


You sound like a jerk just for complaining about this time burning fluf site.




They think a post that’s just a bunch of images is acceptable content.


They are a content mill that will publish anyone. I would never work for one of those.



They ask the hard hitting questions, like which sex toy are you? Then expect you to post this on your social media. And the answer isn’t even right. No way I’m a rabbit.


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It raids and pillages our childhoods for pop culture call-backs. It’s kind of like a Seth Macfarlane only not funny. Actually, it’s just like Seth Macfarlane.


It treats the years 1985 to 1995 as some sort of fucking Renaissance.




It justifies all the celebrity worship and pop-culture drivel by claiming it also covers real news, like a real news organization.  Meanwhile, real magazines are scrambling to steal the business model. Goodbye Atlantic and Slate, we hardly knew ya.



Every damn article title is a rhetorical question designed to deny you just enough information that click on the damn link. Just Say No kids.



It’s a soulless, click-bate, spambot, but has the sanctimony to pretend it cares about politics. At least the Huffington Post gives us nipslips.


It pollutes our Facebook feeds to the point we want to go and do something desperate, like read a book.


It makes me wish I was dead.